Inti Delta Kirana

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We Will Fulfill Your Industrial & Martime Needs.

About Us

INTI DELTA KIRANA (IDEKA), established in 2019, is a registered fuel distributor for industrial and maritime use. Our coverage includes Banten, West Java and Central Java, Eastern Sumatra using land transportation. We also cover eastern Indonesia area through sea.

Safety First

We prioritize work safety so that all parties feel safe.


Customers are our main focus in the service process.


Build good relationships with related parties.


Uphold uncompromising integrity in all matters.


Excellence in terms of company operations to support work.


Motivation towards success in everything.


In the sale and distribution of fuel oil in accordance with Indonesian government regulations No. 146.K/10/DJM.T/2020, namely diesel fuel which contains 30% biodiesel. (B30 HSD)


We have storage tank and numbers of fleets to distributes through land and sea.

Storage Tank

To maintain the availability of the products we will market it, that’s why we have a Storage Tank that placed in a strategic area. 

Fuel Trucks

Stationed in Cilegon, we have numbers of trucking fleets to cover Banten, West Java, Central Java, and eastern Sumatra

Self-Propelled Oil Barge (SPOB)

To accelerate distribution to customers who need fuel oil supplies in industrial, plantation & mining areas.

We're Here to Fulfill Your Industrial and Maritime Needs