Preventing Wax Formations in Marine Diesel Fuels

Susceptible to wax formation, blocked oil filters and a complete loss of power are typically the unseasonal treats marine diesel fuels (distillate fuels) can offer when the cold season starts. Fair Weather Fuel? Distillate fuel’s paraffins, sometimes referred to as wax particles, join together forming larger structures as the temperature drops. f left unchecked cause […]

Factors Affecting Marine Diesel Fuel Prices Online

Fuel Up At Our Full-Service Fuel Dock in Newport News, VA Marine fuels are very similar to the types of fuel you would use in your car, but they’re created specifically for use in boats and other water craft. There are a variety of fuels types that you can use based on the type and […]

What is Biofuel?

BIOFUEL A biofuel is a fuel that contains energy and is derived from plants or biomass. It can be purely made of vegetal or animal fat or can also be a mixture between petroleum-based diesel oil and Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) that is based on vegetal oil or animal fat. In Indonesia, the most […]